The United Pipople / Isabel Marant 2017

138 painted steal masks. Worlwide installation. 2017

Le Printemps Homme / 2017

Commissioned sculptures for the men's 3rd floor at Le Printemps, Paris 2017.

Olivetti. Steal, epoxy paint. Dim 205x60x60 cm

Hydra. Painted red cedar wood, steal. 170x35x35 cm

Hermès / 2017

Kinetic window installation. Painted styrofoam mobiles, cedar wood sculpture, steel table, electric fan.
Hermès rue de Sèvres, Paris

Steel Sculpture 2017

Comissioned artwork. Yellow epoxy on steel.

The Swing Of Spring / Isabel Marant 2017

Worldwide installations. Colored felt, aluminum and vmc.