Pop up Store Isabel Marant / Palais Royal / 2014

Global conception of a pop up store for Isabel Marant. Logo, tote bag, Mr Hatman's candle, furniture design and wall curtain. Fabric, survey cover, wood. Photos Alban Romer

Happy Clouds for Isabel Marant / 2014

19 unique installations made for all Isabel Marant's store around the world. Mylar blankets, wood, metal structure, ceramic color bulbs, tape, staples.
Photos Alban Romer

Felt Sculptures for Isabel Marant / 2014

21 sculptures made of felt, honeycomb cardboard, metal bracket, screws and nuts. Photos Frédéric Delangle©

Pop Up Store Isabel Marant / 2014

Conception du pop up store Isabel Marant sur Howard Street à New York.
Matériaux : Key clamp, bois, toile épaisse, ampoules à filament / 2014